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How to use Image Hotspot Widget Prestashop

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Hotspot Image Widget presents a single image with hotspots on it. The hotspots can be an icon, text, or image. This is also helpful in highlighting the special parts of the image, leading your clients to get to know more about what is on your website, turning  a normal picture into a very vividly visual one. These hotspots can not only make your site look advanced, professional but also improve the interaction between your visitors and your website, keep them stay longer on your website.

use image hotspot widget prestashop
use image hotspot widget Prestashop
use image hotspot widget
use image hotspot widget

Below are some examples of using Hotspot Image Widget:

This blog will provide you an easy-to-follow guide to use Image Hotspot Widget on Prestashop website.

Firstly, in the Page Builder profile, choose Image Hotspot widget:

Then you choose Image Hotspot widget- Click to edit widget:

Click to edit widget Image hotspot


– Add background image:

Add background image


– Click Add hotspot to create a new hotspot point:




– Add value for all these fields and click save:




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