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Here you can get all introduce, guides for installation for PrestaShop Modules

The danger of iframe clickjacking and how to deal with it

Clickjacking It involves tricking a user into clicking something different from what they think it is. Let’s create a straightforward example with it. index.html <!DOCTYPE html> <html lang="en"> <head> <meta charset="UTF-8"> <title>A malicious website</title> <link rel="stylesheet" href="style.css"> </head> <body> <button>Just a button</button> <iframe id="banking-site-iframe" src="https://your-bank.com"></iframe> </body> </html> Above, we have …

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Leo Elements show content for each Product

Edit file tpl in ROOT\themes\THEME_NAME\templates\layouts\layout-both-columns.tpl Add code {if $page.page_name == ‘category’} {hook h=’displayContentTopCategory’} {/if} {if $page.page_name == ‘product’} {hook h=’displayContentTopProduct’} {/if}   Product Edit Product Preview   Category Edit Category Preview      

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[Solver] Slideshow loading error

Hi Everyone. If you got error with Slideshow loading same picture     Please copy css code and add it in file .ApSlideShow .slide_config , .LeoSlideshow .slide_config{ display: none; }   Path file css themes/nametemplate/assets/css/custom.css then clear cache and try again

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How to customize full width category page with 6 products per line?

Hi, Please follow my guide to do it: 1. Set full width for category page 2. Edit some files Add this code like image in file /themes/your_theme/templates/layouts/layout-both-columns.tpl: {if $page.page_name == ‘category’} full-width{/if}   Add/edit this code like image in file /themes/your_theme/templates/catalog/_partials/miniatures/leo_col_products.tpl {* start custom category *} {if $page.page_name == ‘category’} …

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Leo Elements Creator and Cloudflare Rocket Loader

Elementor and Cloudflare integrate smoothly with each other, although there has been an issue with Rocket Loader in the past. The issue was caused by Rocket Loader automatically changing the scripts to load asynchronously, which breaks the editor. If this is causing you a problem, you can solve this by …

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Leo Elements Creator highlighted widgets

Leo Elements Creator || Leo Elements Highlighted Widgets

Read: Leo Elements Creator || The Powerful No-Code Prestashop Page Builder Leo Elements Creator is a the powerful live editor page builder module that allows you to create, manage and host your Prestashop website within minutes. Additionally, Leo Elements Creator has a great deal of widgets. It even has our top …

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Leo Elements Introducing

Leo Elements Creator || The Powerful No-Code Prestashop Page Builder

Read more: Is Leo Elements Creator Worth It? The first thing on the checklist when you want to start your online business must be a perfect website. But you don’t want your website just like the other normal  website. You want it to be a unique one. The problem is …

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fix schema error leotheme

How to fix leotheme schema error in prestashop 1.7.8.x

Hi In prestashop 1.7.8.x, prestashop use microdata to show schema. With builder of appagebuilder and review of leofeature You will get error with schema. Please follow my guide to fix: 1. update module appagebuilder to 2.4.5 2. Update moduel leo feature to 2.2.2 after copy module, please update or reset …

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