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10+ Strong Innovation Web design Trends 2020 – Leotheme

New Year 2020 comes. It’s time to talk about New things in Web Design 2020.

2018 Year has gone. Year 2019 has already brought a lot of changes for website trend & techniques as well. Inherited of successful & popularity in the later part of 2018 will continue to emerge as trends in 2020.

In order to help you website has modern trend look, both your design & user experience must be updated trend, to avoid outdated website. The more your website catch up trend is, the more popular your sale increases. Of course, you can’t simply do the opposite of a trend if you run business.

Here are some new changes in Website Design Trends 2020 ( You Should Know)

You know, website is the face of your store in the internet. It is a way to help all customers from the world to know you. If you are launching a website, a template web design is a crucial step in create a website successfully. A good website template is better both user experiences (UX) & UI ( User Interface).

But technical & design are constantly changing in years. For efficient website design, a few things are required to be followed. So you should know about various aspects of the website carefully. Also, a good website design should be followed the latest trends. Web Design Trends 2020 is exact what I meant. Visit more: Leotheme PrestaShop Theme

1. Mobile First – Essential Key for Any Website, Not An Option

Today, users often use mobile & smartphone everywhere. They use not only call & send message but also mobile for shopping, entertainment on web instead of going to shop. Therefore, mobile has been firmly overtaken other devices as Desktop, Macbook, or PC & becomes the most popular browser to access the internet. It is essential key, not an Option.

Your website should be responsiveness on the different screens. Here are some changes of Mobile Devices:

In 2019, you already know the scroll-based animation on desktop to attract customers attentions on the web at their first sight. It is continuing in 2020. We will see a more mobile-first approach to interactions in 2020. I’m looking forward to seeing how designers and developers bring facets of “desktop web design” into mobile-web design.

2. Thumb-friendly Design

In mobile era, mobile browsing has been firmly overtaken desktop, followed by a sharply thumb-friendly increases. Last but not least, users will encounter navigation tailored to the thumb, such as the hamburger menus moved to the bottom of mobile screens. It is friendly & ease to use with your thumb when navigating menus.

3. ChatBot

In 2018, chat bot comes. But in new year 2020, it can move into spotlight. The chatbots is mostly new advancement & best your support & service. New Chatbot will appear instantly on web pages to support frequently questions & answers with higher levels of customization than we’ve seen in past iterations. It’s professional & super time-saving & cost-saving.

4. Animation Limited

We have seen how everyone went overboard with animations, but visitors do not necessarily like all things animated. Web designers recognize that animations and gifs need to be limited in web layout. They usually ruin user experience by causing distraction or sometimes confusing the user on call-to-actions. Clearly, in the coming years, this trend is likely to become a thing of the past. Animation can be limited in Web Design 2020.

5. Emulates 3D Design

Flat design looks fresh and current. Flat style is continuously evolving to the new levels. Users will never miss an important piece of content a flat website wants to show. In 2020, you will have new chance to admire 3D Design to help your website deeper & more reliable.

6. Typography

On the web, both images & typography can convey your messages to your customers. It is the art of typing word to make it more attractive. Flat design & minimalism designs are the power of big, dramatics typefaces to make a strong statement. The forthcoming year will bring more adventurous use of artistic fonts and creative type treatments on websites.

7. Video Background – Must-have in 2020

The rate of video interaction is higher than plain text. It is the reason why Video background continues to be must-have trend in 2020. Video Background helps your website more exciting

8. Black-and-white palettes

For 2020, the trend of black-and-white web design are kept making impressive statements. White by itself is clean and reserved whereas black is strong and assertive. Combine these and you get an altogether striking look. The minimal in both color & design layout will helps your site simple.

9. Split Screen Design Keeps Growing

With a split-screen aesthetic in web design is a trend that keeps evolving and growing. A split-screen design can be good for a number of reasons, including mobile compatibility and user-friendliness. Plus, many of these designs just look great in 2020.

In conclusion, 2020 has been come with a lot of changes in web design in fonts, color, web structure, mobile thumb-friendly, …

What do you think about these graphic design trends 2020 predictions? Waiting for your thoughts in the comments below.

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