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add tax rules prestashop 1.7

PrestaShop 1.7.5: How to Add Tax Rules PrestaShop 1.7 – Leotheme Blog

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Tax rule is used to apply a certain tax rate for a single country a set of countries. In Prestashop, you cannot directly apply a tax to a product. You can only apply tax rules instead. Also you may use a single tax rule to apply different taxes to a product for customers from several different countries. So this tutorial, I will show you best guides to “Add Tax Rules Prestashop 1.7.5

To be continued of PrestaShop 1.7.5 Tutorials, this guide ” Add Tax Rules PrestaShop 1.7.5″ includes these steps:

Let’s start.

I. Add Tax Rules Group in PrestaShop 1.7.5

Login Admin Panel -> International section, click on Taxes-> Tax Rules tab.

1.add tax rules prestashop 1.7.5

Open “Tax Rules”. Here you can manage all “Tax Rules” of store.

2.add tax rules prestashop 1.7.5

If you want to “Add New Tax Rule”, please click “Add New Tax Rules Group”

3.add tax rules prestashop 1.7.5

4.add new tax rules prestashop 1.7.5

Click “Save & Stay”. 

II. Add New Tax Rule PrestaShop 1.7

After saving the changes, new additional field will appear:

5.add new tax rule country prestashop 1.7

Country: a country where you want to create current rule.

State: after the country is selected, you will need to choose necessary state if available.

Zip/postal code range: please specify customer’s zip code range in which the tax should be applied.

Behaviour: it happens that customer’s address can matches several tax rules, so that’s why you are able to choose how the current tax rule should behave:

  • This Tax Only: it will apply only this tax.
  • Combine: combine taxes. For example: 100$ + (20% + 10% = 30%) => 130$.
  • One After Another: apply taxes one after another. For example: 100$ + 20% => 120$ + 10% => 132$.

Tax: choose required tax from the drop-down list.

Description: you can add some short description for your tax rule.

If you wan to apply this tax rule for many country, you can click “Add New Tax Rule”

7.add new tax rule prestashop 1.7

Fill information for Tax Rule Groups:

  • Name:
  • Enable: Yes/No -> Choose Yes to Enable Tax Rules for Store.

6.apply tax rules with countries prestashop 1.7.5

“Save & Stay” for the changes.

III. Add Tax Rule for Product PrestaShop 1.7.5

Go to “Catalog” -> Products -> Choose Product you want to add Tax Rule. Navigate to Pricing Tab to edit:

8.add tax rule for product prestashop 1.7.5

Then “Save” the changes.

This is the end of tutorialAdd Tax Rules PrestaShop 1.7.5 ( PrestaShop 1.7.x Version). Hope this tutorial helps you well.

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