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install prestashop 1.7 default

How to Install PrestaShop 1.7 Default on Server | PrestaShop 1.7 Tutorial

At that time, Prestashop 1.7 has officially released the latest version. Today, we will provide you a guide “How to Install Prestashop 1.7 Default”

As soon as the PrestaShop 1.7 Default is successfully installed on your store, you can see a default PrestaShop theme appears at the site front-end.

To install PrestaShop 1.7 Default, you should follow steps:

    • Step 1: Download PrestaShop Software from Prestashop.com

Extract file PrestaShop

    • Step 2: Prepare Database on Server
    • Step 3: Fullfill Store Information

Install Prestashop Default Languages
Install Prestashop Default License
Store Configuration
Store Installation

Here are detail guide “How to Install PrestaShop 1.7 Default on Server”

Step 1: Download PrestaShop Software from Prestashop.com

Go to PrestaShop.com -> Create My Store

create prestashop 1.7 store

And Download Prestashop Default:

download prestashop 1.7 default

When you download file zip success.

Please extract this file:

You will have 3 smaller folder: file index, file html and file zip PRESTASHOP.

Extract file zip PrestaShop and install.

install prestashop 1.7 default

Step2: Prepare your database on server:

install prestashop 1.7 default Prepare your database

Step 3: Follow install process, you fulfill your store’s information with following steps

– Choose language: You click and setting language for your store.

1. install prestashop 1.7 default

– License agreements: When install, you should agree with Prestashop Terms and Conditions.

2. install prestashop 1.7 default - license

– System compatibility: This step is informed that the system is fine to install Prestashop 1.7.


Version PHP required: ≥ 5.6

When you install “System compatibility” step, you may face with this errors, do not worry and follow our guide:

First of all stop the xampp/wamp and then kindly remove the starting semicolon ( ; ) from your xampp/php/php.ini the following code.


3. install prestashop 1.7 default

– Store Information: Complete information store here, remember Email address and Shop password to access Back Office.

4. install prestashop 1.7 default

– System configuration: Add database information to install your site: database server, database name, database login, database password and tables prefix.

5. install prestashop 1.7 default

– Store installation: You should be patient to wait process 100% success.

6. install prestashop 1.7 default

When the install process is finished, we should configure some folder inside.

Folder “admin” will be changed admin… (Some character, we suggest that you may rename into admincp or something else)

Folder “install” should be backup/rename/delete.

7. install prestashop 1.7 default

The Result:

– Back Office:

8. install prestashop 1.7 default

– Front Office:

9. install prestashop 1.7 default

Tutorial Video to Install Quickstart theme with Prestashop 1.7

First of all, we would like to thank you for your interest in our work. We are working hard to deliver best Prestashop Themes

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