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PrestaShop 1.7.5: How to Use File Manager Cpanel | Leotheme

This tutorials we – Leotheme will show you How to Use File Manager Cpanel in PrestaShop 1.7.5

  1. How to access the File Manager
  2. Creating a new folder
  3. Uploading files in File Manager
  4. Creating a new file
  5. Editing a file
  6. Extracting/Compressing a file
  7. Move/Copy a file

File Manager is one of the best way to manage your site through HTTP rather than an FTP tool or other third-party application. With File Manager, you are able to upload, create or delete files, organize files in folders or even change file permissions easily.

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1. How To Access File Manager Cpanel

access file manager cpanel - use file manager tool cpanel

Login Cpanel Account ->  File Manager

Then you will be able to pick the directory for which to open File Manager. You can also enable the “Show Hidden Files (dotfiles)” option in order to be able to see files that start with a dot (.), for example – .htaccess.

2. Creating a new folder at Cpanel

create new folder at file manager at cpanel

Click at the box ” Create New Folder” to create new folder in File Manager. Folders are a very useful way of adding an organization and a structure to your account. They make the maintenance of the site much easier.

3. Uploading files in File Manager

After create new folder at Cpanel, you can upload file to current directory (folder) by tapping on the button “Upload Files to current directory”

Uploading files in File Manager

Click to “Choose File” to locate file to upload on Cpanel.

upload file to file manager cpanel 2

Locate File on your Computer as the following image:

upload file to file manager cpanel 3

4. Creating a new file

create new file cpanel 4

To create a new file on your folder at Cpanel, insert name of new file at the box ” Create New File” to “Create”

The new file will appear in the chosen location.

5. Editing a file at Cpanel

editing a file cpanel

With existing file, you can edit file through file manager Editing an existing file through the File Manager allows you to make immediate changes to your web site without having to upload a new version of the file. Click the file name and then choose “Edit” button.

6. Extracting/Compressing a file

Choose folder you want to zip/extracting or compressing a file the press zip to create folder

zip file cpanel

You can extract an archive by left clicking its name and then clicking on the Extract button.

You can also create your own archives. Select the files and folders which you want to include in the archive, click the Compress button and then Compress File(s).

7. Rename/Delete/Copy a file

Rename/Copy File in File Manager:

rename copy file at cpanel

Delete File at Cpanel:

delete file at cpanel

This guide already helps “How to Use File Manager in Cpanel Easily”. With Cpanel, you can manage file incredibly. It is possible to Create New File, Folder, Upload, Edit or Delete File.

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