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HOw to install Next-Previous Products Prestashop Module

[Prestashop 1.7 tutorials] How to install Next Previous Products Prestashop Module?

This blog will show you the simple and quick steps to install Next Previous Prestashop Module from Leotheme – Leo Next Previous Products Prestashop Module The Leo Next Previous Prestashop Module allows you to display two products on the product page, the Previous and the Next products. Customers will be …

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Leofeature: Float cart is not update quanlity after delete product in product page

Hi when you got error : add product cart in product detail page then delete or update quanlity you see number in cart icon is not change please follow my guide to fix: open file: /themes/_THEME/modules/ps_shoppingcart/ps_shoppingcart.tpl find code: <div class="blockcart cart-preview {if $cart.products_count > 0}active{else}inactive{/if}" data-refresh-url="{$refresh_url}">  replace it to …

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[Error] Try to acccess array offset on value of type null in apgencode.php line 106

Hi If you see error Try to acccess array offset on value of type null in apgencode.php line 106 please follow my guide to fix open file /modules/appagebuilder/classes/shortcodes/ApGenCode.php find code: $profile_data = $module->getProfileData(); $profile_folder = $profile_data[‘profile_key’]; remove it code: $file_url = apPageHelper::getConfigDir(‘theme_profiles’).$profile_folder.’/’.$file_name; replace it with $file_url = apPageHelper::getConfigDir(‘theme_profiles’).’/’.$file_name; find the …

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How to install Prestashop speed optimization module – Leo Speed for your website?

Website’s speed plays an extremely important role in bettering user experience, improving your website SEO, and affecting that customers will stay longer to make a purchase on your website. This blog will guide you to install a wonderful Prestashop speed optimization module – Leo Speed, which is built by Leotheme’s …

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Create product discounts in Prestashop store in 3 types

Create Product Discounts in Prestashop store – Leo Boost Sales Module Tutorial

How to create product discounts in Prestashop?  Welcome back to our tutorial series of Leo Boost Sales Prestashop Module. This blog will guide you to create product discounts Prestashop by using Leo Boost Sales Prestashop module from Leotheme. If may want to go over our previous tutorials for this module …

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How to create cross-selling product Prestashop module

Create cross-selling products into Prestashop by Leo Boost Sales Module

How to create cross-selling products into Prestashop store? This question will be solved in this tutorial. It is said that cross-selling is the key to profit generation for sales as it will sell or suggest related or complementary products to a prospect or customer. Cross-selling is no more a strange …

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Add upsell product list Prestashop module

Add Upsell Products into Prestashop by Leo Boost Sales Module

How to create related products into Prestashop website or add upsell products Prestashop website? will be a concerned question when you finish installing the module Leo Boost Sales from Leotheme. As you might know, upselling is one of the most effective ways to maximize your Prestashop sales. By installing Leo …

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configure Prestashop Boost sales module tutorial

Leo Boost Sales: Configure Prestashop Boost Sales Module

Configure Prestashop Boost Sales Module Tutorial! Leotheme’s developers have built Leo Boost Sales Prestashop Module in order to support Prestashop website users improve online sales effectively and encourage their online shopper buy more or add more items to their shopping cart. So, after  successfully install Leo Boost Sales Prestashop Module, …

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Fix error not show Texture in product list Ap Page builder

Hi I’m so sorry about my bug. Please follow my guide to fix: 1, open file module/apagebuilder/apagebuilder.php find code in line 1727 if (Tools::isEmpty($row[‘color’]) && [email protected](_PS_COL_IMG_DIR_ . $row[‘id_attribute’] . ‘.jpg’)) { continue; } elseif (Tools::isEmpty($row[‘color’]) && @filemtime(_PS_COL_IMG_DIR_ . $row[‘id_attribute’] . ‘.jpg’)) { $row[‘texture’] = _THEME_COL_DIR_ . $row[‘id_attribute’] . ‘.jpg’; } …

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