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Prestashop release

Prestashop Has Been Released | Important Notes for

PrestaShop is now available.

Prestashop version fixes bugs and regressions of the version. After checking on the newly released version of Prestashop, we noticed that there are little changes in the default theme folder of Prestashop compared to our theme in version Therefore, we would like to inform you that we will not update our themes to version You absolutely can download and install our Prestashop theme for your Prestashop version Our themes and modules that work fine on Prestashop will work well on Prestashop

You can follow our themes available in version here

If you are about to update your site to Prestashop, remember to backup your site beforehand.

Below are the main fixes and changes of Prestashop But don’t worry, you don’t have to do anything as these changes will be automatically updated when you upgrade your site to version

Main fixes

  • Merchants can now choose if they want the attribute names on the product page title (“Display attributes in the product meta title” in Shop Parameters > SEO & URLs)
  • Fixed a bug preventing module developers to extend grids
  • Latest security fixes from Symfony
  • Fixed visual problems in the BO when using right-to-left languages
  • Fixed pagination issues in pages using the new grids
  • Switching combinations in the FO is now faster
  • Fixed an exception when sending an email in some systems

Full Changelog

  • Back Office:
    • Bug fix:
      • #12507: Add hookDispatcher in GridFactory constructor, HookDispatcherAwareTrait has a safer getter
      • #12234: Force refresh of TinyMCE editors in product page step 1
      • #12402: Fix first attribute generation when not choosing the first attribute
      • #12372: Fix provider warehouse routes
      • #12370: RTL fixes: profile, select and notification dropdown, popover tooltips, stock quantity arrows
      • #12395: Change stock alert z index to be on top of the header
      • #12354: Fix cancel button on Safari browser
      • #12361: Refacto SearchParameters and SearchParametersResolver for pagination
      • #12205: Fix bulk module actions
      • #12277: Prevent usage of entering key in search hook input
      • #12236: SERP: Textarea from TinyMCE requires jquery to return the text value
      • #12016: Update module & service link in upgrade
      • #12196: Fix RTL glitches
      • #12111: Keep showcase cards closed
      • #11923: Fix error in SERP component when using non-alphanumeric characters
  • Front Office:
    • Improvement:
      • #12327: Make it possible to enable/disable attribute name on the page title
    • Bug fix:
      • #12337: Slow combination update due to delay before request
  • Core:
    • Bug fix:
      • #12543: Update vulnerable dependencies
      • #12389: Fixed grid hook calls
      • #12292: Allow Arabic numbers in link rewrite
      • #12106: Robots.txt with multilang/multishop
      • #11995: Fix undefined INTL_IDNA_VARIANT_UTS46 if intl ICU < 4.6
      • #11814: Fix typos and duplicate code in upgrade SQL
  • Installer:
    • Bug fix:
      • #11937: Check if intl is installed in the installer


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