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Leo Parts Filter Module || Configuration Instruction || By Leotheme

 This blog will guide you how to use and customize Leo Parts Filter Module fluently. 

Introduction: Leo Part Filter  is a module designed for PrestaShop online store to help promote customer experience by optimizing searching on site. In detail, when customers visit the site, instead of typing a keyword into searching box as normal, they can easily access target items quickly with few clicks. This module supports 4 levels of searching corresponding with 4 searching fields. Buyers enable to increase searching level from 1 to 4 respectively to get more exact results.

                                                                         Leo Parts Filter Module


Configure Leo Parts Filter Module

After finishing installation, refer to this blog How To Install Leo Parts Filter Module if you need more detail, you go to Modules → Leo Parts Filter Configuration to start configuration process.

                                                                            Configure Text Display


Step 1: Configure Text Display

When going to Leo Parts Filter Configuration, you will find Setting section. You delete default text and fill your own respectively:

  • Filter box header: The heading of filter box
  • Level 1 dropdown value:  Searching field name level 1
  • Level 2 dropdown value: Searching field name level 2
  • Level 3 dropdown value: Searching field name level 3
  • Level 4 dropdown value: Searching field name level 4

Step 2: Create Searching Database

This module allows buyers to search based on available searching fields. By that, in this step  you need to create the searching database (attribute list) for each level/field. Leo Parts Filter supports 2 methods to inputting data: manual and import excel file.

  • Input data manually:  You must input data for each level respectively.


Firstly, for level 1, you select  Level 1 Management Add New. You fill name, position of attribute and click Save. To add new attribute for level 1 field, you repeat this action. You can check the attribute list showed below input section.

                                                                        Add attributes for level 1


You do similarly for Level 2, 3 and 4 respectively.

                                                                     Add attributes for level 2


                                                                           Add attributes for level 3


                                                                          Add attributes for level 4


  • Input data by Excel file (.xls file)

Instead of inputting data for each level manually, you can prepare data on excel (support .xls file only), then all you need to do is importing that excel file into system.

→ Create excel data file for web with 1 language:  Download sample


→ Create excel data file for web with multi language: Download Sample


After completing excel file, you  go to Modules → Leo Parts Filter Configuration → Import data. You select the prepared file and then click Import. 

                                                                     Import excel data file


Step 3: Assign Filter For Each Product

In this final step, we need to create a connection among  products and data we already input. You go to configuration of each product, select Modules tab.


Next, you select suitable attributes for that product, click Add New to assign more attributes. Finally, you click Save And Stay to finnish.

                                                                Assign attributes for each product


Front End Display

There are 2 default display hook: Display Top  and Display Left Column:

  • Display top: 


  • Display Left Column: 


You can add more custom display  by adding custom hook to tpl file {hook h=’displayFilter’}. So you can now enjoy full function of this module.

Hopefully, this blog is helpful for you. Wish you success!


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