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Ap Booking: Update new version to 1.1.0

Leotheme update module Ap Booking to new version 1.1.0.

What new function in version 1.1.0.

Room search page

Link to room detail with form search.

add this code to link product in category page: ?from={$date_from}&to={$date_to}&adult={$adult}&child={$child}

{if isset($date_from) && isset($date_to) && $date_from && $date_to }
<h3 class=”h3 product-title” itemprop=”name”><a href=”{$product.link}?from={$date_from}&to={$date_to}&adult={$adult}&child={$child}”>{$product.name|truncate:30:’…’}</a></h3>
<h3 class=”h3 product-title” itemprop=”name”><a href=”{$product.url}”>{$product.name|truncate:30:’…’}</a></h3>


Product detail page

1. Automatically calculated when customer check room in room page detail

2. Display price per day

3. Display Room information, Free service and Pay service

4. Book with multi room

5. Hook to displayRightColumnProduct

Cart Display


Custom hook

displayBookingProductService: Display all service room

displayBookingProductFreeService: Display all free service

displayBookingProductPayService: Display all service pay service

displayProductDetailSearchForm: Display search from in room detail

displayPricePerDay: Display price per day ween check room

displayProductExtraRoom: Display room info and room service


Update version from 1.0.0 to 1.1.0

Goto setting apbooking module will auto update hook

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