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Ap Page Builder

Ultimate Guides for Ap page Builder PrestaShop Module: How to Use, How to Install, Config, Create Layout, Create profile

Fix error not show Texture in product list Ap Page builder

Hi I’m so sorry about my bug. Please follow my guide to fix: 1, open file module/apagebuilder/apagebuilder.php find code in line 1727 if (Tools::isEmpty($row[‘color’]) && [email protected](_PS_COL_IMG_DIR_ . $row[‘id_attribute’] . ‘.jpg’)) { continue; } elseif (Tools::isEmpty($row[‘color’]) && @filemtime(_PS_COL_IMG_DIR_ . $row[‘id_attribute’] . ‘.jpg’)) { $row[‘texture’] = _THEME_COL_DIR_ . $row[‘id_attribute’] . ‘.jpg’; } …

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How to get Instagram Token

How to get Instagram Access Token

Starting from March 2020, Facebook requires users to create a Facebook app with Instagram Basic Display API to get a long-live Instagram Access Token. Follow our instructions on this section to get your own Instagram Access Token and paste it back on the Instagram Shopping & Feed app back-end configuration …

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