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Edit tpl code in product list and product detail ap page builder

As you might know, Ap Pagebuilder Module is using product list builder and product detail builder.

You can read guide Product Listing builder ( product in home page + category + search page) in here

And product Detail builder is similar like this.

1. How to edit Product display in category:

Normal you edit in file YOUR_SITE/themes/YOUR_THEME/themes/classic/templates/catalog/_partials/miniatures/product.tpl

this file include some file in catalog/_partials/

But when you using my page builder module to build Product Listing in Category, Search, Home page please follow my guide

  1. Login Back-office > AP page builder > Ap Products List Builder

Check what profile is active > click on Edit

Edit product list prestashop

2. In product list active

We cut this file to sub file

You can edit any tpl file you want

or if you want to insert code, please use tpl code: drag it to any thing you want and click save

edit tpl file product list prestashop ap pagebuilder-min

Note: Other way you can edit tpl file in link /themes/YOUR_THEMES/modules/appagebuilder/views/templates/front/profiles/plist2695878054.tpl

plist2695878054 => change it to active profile in (1)

But when you edit tpl file please dont save in ap page builder


2. How to edit Product Detail page:

Normal you edit in:


But when you using ap page builder, please follow my guide:

  1. find active product detail:

Back-office > Ap PageBuilder > Ap Products Details Builder

product detail edit pagebuilder-min

2. click on active product detail and edit

In this form, you can edit tpl

Your click on what you want to edit

3. click save

Note: you can edit in


detail2658055936: is your active detail


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