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PrestaShop 1.7.6: How to Update PrestaShop Theme version | Leotheme

Dear fellow friends,

As you know, Prestashop has just officially released the latest version with some changes in folders and files in the theme folder. 

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If you are using Leotheme’s themes, please keep reading this blog as we are going to guide you step by step to Update Prestashop Theme version

I. Plan to update Prestashop Themes to version

Beforehand, please take a look at our list of themes in Prestashop 1.7, which are being updated to this latest version

If the theme you are using in Done status, that means the theme is ready for the update. Then you can log in your account on Leotheme.com then start downloading the newest version

II. Changes in the file folder of Prestashop version

*** Leotheme PrestaShop Modules

Please download the latest version theme then unzip file theme. Next, you open folder dependencies/modules, copy all modules inside and replace to the old module in this directory path: yourproject/modules

After that, you need to replace newly updated files in folder yourproject/themes/theme_name (Please note that, if the folder theme was customized before, you need to save all customized files then re-update after replacing new files).

Below is the list of changed files in Prestashop version 1.7.6:


****Modules changes:

- modules\ps_contactinfo\ps_contactinfo.tpl

- modules\ps_shoppingcart\modal.tpl

- modules\ps_shoppingcart\ps_shoppingcart.tpl

- modules\ps_shoppingcart\ps_shoppingcart-product-line.tpl

- modules\ps_viewedproduct\views\templates\hook\ps_viewedproduct.tpl


****templates changes:

- templates\_partials\form-errors.tpl

- templates\_partials\form-fields.tpl

- templates\catalog\_partials\miniatures\product.tpl

- templates\catalog\_partials\category-header.tpl

- templates\catalog\_partials\facets.tpl

- templates\catalog\_partials\product-add-to-cart.tpl

- templates\catalog\_partials\product-prices.tpl

- templates\catalog\_partials\products-top.tpl

- templates\catalog\_partials\product-variants.tpl

- templates\catalog\_partials\quickview.tpl

- templates\catalog\listing\product-list.tpl

- templates\catalog\product.tpl

- templates\checkout\_partials\steps\personal-information.tpl

- templates\checkout\_partials\cart-detailed-product-line.tpl

- templates\checkout\_partials\cart-detailed-totals.tpl

- templates\checkout\_partials\cart-summary.tpl

- templates\checkout\_partials\cart-summary-totals.tpl

- templates\checkout\_partials\cart-voucher.tpl

- templates\checkout\_partials\order-confirmation-table.tpl

- templates\checkout\checkout.tpl

**** JS files change (inside theme folder)

- assets\js\theme.js


**** New files adding (inside theme folder)

- templates\checkout\_partials\cart-summary-subtotals.tpl

- templates\catalog\_partials\product-flags.tpl


III. How to Update Prestashop Theme Version

Following are our guides for you to update changes for the theme folder

The very first step is very important. Please note that you have to take the full backup of your site before making any modifications.

There will be 2 cases

  • The 1st case: There weren’t any changes for TPL file in the theme folder before.
    For this case:

Step 1: You can go download the version of the theme that you are using,

Step 2: Copy changed files that are listed above.


  • The 2nd case: You did make some changes for theme folder before.

Step 1: Compare changed files with the files in the changelog to filter the changed codes

Step 2: Copy them to your file.


With this guide to update Prestashop theme, we wish you success with the latest version


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  2. It’s better update prestashop to 1.7.6 first and after theme, or reverse?

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