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how to create widget instagram in ap page builder prestashop
how to create widget instagram in ap page builder prestashop

Instagram API Changes – How to create Widget Instagram in Ap Page Builder Prestashop

In the previous blog, we provided you with a detailed guide about How to create widget Instagram Prestashop. However, due to the Instagram API changes, which do not support new users, many users are facing problems with getting the Instagram access token and User ID. These are considered the 2 necessary information for configuring the Instagram widget in Ap Pagebuilder Module. This blog will guide you on how to configure widget Instagram Prestashop.

I. Get Access Token and User ID to create widget Instagram Prestashop in Ap Page Builder

Firstly, you log in to your Instagram account

1. login Instagram account
login Instagram account


Then click on this link:



Now you will see a Generate Access Token button as in the picture below:


2. generate access token button
generate access token button

After clicking on this button, you will receive a code as below:

3. access token
access token


This is the access token   3293768606.1677ed0.40d8a001a302482f8ac5876696e2c77e

You take the first series of numbers before the first dot, this is the code of User ID: 3293768606


II. Create Widget Instagram Prestashop in Ap Page builder Module

Now, in Ap Page builder Module, you are going to create Widget Instagram

Here, you can see a default Instagram feed account, which is pre-created. What you need to do is to replace it with the access token, which is your newly-created User ID  in the last step.


5. change access token to your User ID
change access token to your User ID


Now you’ve done with it. Let see how it looks in Frontend


6. success add widget instagram in Prestashop
success add widget Instagram in Prestashop


I believe that this detailed tutorial will be helpful for you to add Instagram Widget into your site. However, If you have any trouble, feel free to contact our dedicated support team at [email protected]. We will be available within 24 hours.

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  1. Does not work. After clicking on the link I get this:

    This XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it. The document tree is shown below.



  2. Hi, the provided link https://instagram.pixelunion.net/ doesn’t work… it says “Instagram Access Token Generator deactivated…”

    As I understand, it is not possible to get such ids… or am I wrong?


  3. Hi,
    The token generator on PixelUnion doesn’t work anymore.
    Could you help?

    I’m using the Oreo theme.

  4. It’s not working anymore, are you guys planning on update this module?

  5. hi
    the isntagram module doesn’t work annymore.is there an udpdate ?

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